Keukenhof Tour

The famous Dutch Keukenhof Springflower Gardens

The Netherlands is famous for its bulb fields and the many cultivated flowers. Enjoy the tulips, smells and colours at the Keukenhof yourself this spring! Visiting one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Netherlands

Keukenhof Private Tour

When will the Keukenhof be open to visitors in 2019?

The worldfamous springflower park the Keukenhof in Zuid-Holland is open from March 21 – May 19 (2019) – it is only open 8 weeks a year. Your visit can be an overwhelming experience, because of the huge amount of spring (mostly tulip) flowers.

Keukenhof Private Tour Flowerfields

Not all the flowers at Keukenhof are outside: severyal pavilions are packed with flowering bulbs, cut flowers and pot plants as well. In the Orange Nassau Pavilion you can enjoy colourful floral displays that change every week. The Willem-Alexander Pavilion shows many thousands of tulips and during the last twelve days of the season it is home to the world’s largest lily show, a true spectacle. For eight weeks long the Beatrix Pavilion gives you the chance to enjoy a mass of orchids and anthuriums.

Every year a different theme

The Keukenhof theme for 2019 is ‘Flower Power’… Bright colours, hippies, peace & music. This year the gardens have that early 1970’s vibe. A great theme for the 70th anniversary of the Keukenhof. Flower Power; the strength of flowers!

Private Tour of the Keukenhof

Since the gardens are only open for 8 weeks a year and visitors flock from all over the world to see them, you can expect it to be crowded. Therefore we advise you to go very early morning or in the evening to avoid the largest crowds.

Keukenhof Private Tour

With Amsterdam VIP Tours you can book private transfers from your hotel to the gardens and back. If you wish a private guide accompanies you to arrange a scenic route and guide you in the gardens. We bring you there by private car or mini van.

Cycle the tulip fields!

If you are in good physical condition and would like to absorb the flowers and enjoy the flowerfields, you can also rent a bike. You are not allowed to take the bike inside the park, but you can cycle the stunning Bulb Fields in the area. You could do this by yourself or together with your guide.

What is the best time keukenhof tour

“When is the best time to see the flowers?”

We often get this question. And it is not an easy one to answer. The opening weeks of the gardens are set a year ahead, however the blooming of the tulips heavily depends on the weather. And the weather in the Netherlands is far from predictable…

So the safest period most of the time is in the middle of those 8 weeks. Let’s say mid – end April. But… no guarantee.


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