Amsterdam Jewish History Tour

The Amsterdam Jewish History Tour is a moving and intruiging tour in the former Jewish Quarter a very special part of town. Amsterdam VIP Tours offers tailormade tours, to your wishes and comfort.

What will you see on the Jewish History Tour?

On the Jewish History Tour you will see the former Jewish District, the huge Jewish Portuguese synagogue and visit the Jewish Historical Museum. You will listen to the stories of the Second World War in Amsterdam, when Amsterdam lost about 10% of it’s population.

If desired, the tour can include a visit to the following Jewish museums; the Portuguese Synagoge, Jewish Historical Museum and Hollandsche Schouwburg.

Where does an Amsterdam Jewish History Tour start?

When your hotel is in the Amsterdam city center, it is possible the guide can meet you at your hotel to start the tour from there. Another option is to meet at a meetingpoint near the former Jewish district. When you want to include a Jewish History Tour in a regular Amsterdam tour, that is of course also possible.

Can you Combine a Jewish History Tour with an Anne Frank House visit?

You might want to combine the Jewish History Tour with a visit to the Anne Frank House during your stay. However take into consideration that the Anne Frank House is on the other side of town. So it can very well be an option to visit the Anne Frank House another time / day by yourself. Make sure to get your tickets in time as these tickets sell out quickly!

Read our suggestions on getting tickets: Getting Tickets for the Anne Fank House Museum. Get your tickets here: Anne Frank House.

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