Immortalize yourself in a work of art making a selfie? Not anymore in the Stedelijk Museum and the Hermitage. At least, not if a selfiestick is needed.

Recently some museums excommunicated the retractable holder tones for phone or camera. Selfies (without flash) are allowed, but all poles, including umbrellas and tripods are prohibited.

Using a selfiestick allows the photographer to make a good self-portrait. However, the museums are afraid that exhibits might get damaged by the sticks.

“It would be embarrassing for everyone if art is damaged. Especially for those who make the photographs”, lets a spokesperson of the Hermitage know. Recently the museum proposed a ban on the selfiesticks. Soon the ban sign will be posted at the checkin. Many other museums in the country simply ask people to put it away, if they are caught using a selfiestick.

In the Rijksmuseum selfiesticks are still allowed, even if umbrellas are not allowed inside. The museum holds art from the middelages till modern times, most known for the paintings of Amsterdam’s Golden Age painters as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Frans Hals and many more.

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