Dutch Food

Wanna go Dutch?

The Netherland’s cuisine or ‘Dutch Food’ is largely influenced by her agricultural produce and her history as a seafaring nation. Fish and seafood are a common delicacy in the Traditional Netherlands cuisine. Beef chicken and pork are also popular.

Try Dutch food and local delicacies!

Slip pea soup, Mashed Potatoes with sausage, Kroket (deepfried beef ragout with breadcrumbs), Herring (with raw unions and pickles).

Sweet: Stroopwafel, Drop, Poffertjes.

Tip: You can get the ‘poffertjes’ at the Nieuwmarkt (streetmarket).

Local drinks

If you go to a bar to try a local drink you can get a Jenever (Dutch Gin) or a (Heineken) beer. A typical snack to order with the drinks are ‘bitterballen’.

dutch food


You also might like to try an Indonesian restaurant during your stay. The colonial past also had a considerable impact on the Dutch cuisine. The incorporation of Indonesian dishes (such as Nasi Goreng) in the Dutch cuisine can be traced back to the involvement of the Dutch in the Dutch East Indies (Modern day Indonesia); that last for about 250 years.

The Indonesian restaurants serve a ‘ricetable’. Steamed rice with lots of nice dishes will be served on your table. Adjusted to Dutch taste, so not very spicy.


When you book a tour with Amsterdam VIP Tours, we will bring you to all your places of interest. Including streetfood and good local restaurants with Dutch food for an excellent experience.

Are you interested in Dutch food and delicacies? Book our Culinary Food Tour or simply add a ‘Dutch Delicacies Experience’ to your private tour.


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