Delft & The Hague Tour

Delft and The Hague Tour

The Delft and The Hague Tour is great to get away from Amsterdam to see what else Holland has to offer. When you are staying a couple of days in Amsterdam, you might also want to adventure out and see other famous cities. Delft and The Hague are very nice to combine in one day.

On the Delft and The Hague tour you will visit two beautiful cities with a special story. You will experience a gorgeous part of Dutch history in one day! Be surprised by the history and beauty of two of the most famous cities of Holland.

Private Tour of Delft

Dates back from 1100. It is the burial place of prince William of Orange (1533-1584), whom the Dutch believe to be the father of their homeland. It also was home to Hugo de Groot (1583-1645), father of international law (also known as Grotius). Delft was the hometown of the famous artist Johannes Vermeer(1632-1675).

In Delft you will come into direct contact with Dutch Royal history. Let your VIP guide inform you as you walk through the historic streets, where “Willem van Oranje’’ walked over 400 years ago. Here you experience the dynamics of the past.

The Blue and White earthenware known as Delftware or Delftblue was inspired by Chinese porcelain. It has been famous since the 17th Century and is still being made today. You might want to visit one of the few local factories that are still making and painting this by hand. They love to tell you about this ancient craft.

The beautiful old town with its ancient buildings has to be experienced on foot.You will enjoy the picturesque canals, bridges, alleys, old churches

Private Tour of The Hague

This pleasant and aristocratic city is the seat of the Dutch government. The parliament and many foreign ambassies can be found here as well. You will be at the hart of Dutch politics.The Binnenhof area, will be a part of a walking tour, to experience the atmosphere of the site.

This historic city has international fame as the seat of the International Court of Justice. In the ‘Peace Palace’ many international peace conferences take place. Here people are working for international peace and justice. You can make a picture stop at this site during the tour.

delft and the hague tour

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