Buy Dutch Tulip Bulbs

Here you can find more information about where and how to buy Dutch Tulip Bulbs. Where and why buying them? Read on for our suggestions.

“Tulips from Amsterdam”

A famous song and an important export product from the Netherlands! Many people visit Amsterdam from all around the world in spring to see the amazing amounts of spring flowers; tulips, duffodils, crocusses etc.

A Keukenhof Visit in Spring

Make sure to book a tour with a private guide for your Keukenhof visit to make most out of it!

The 8 weeks a year that the worldfamous Keukenhof gardens are open to the public (in spring), attract many flower lovers. You can immediately choose your favourite flower bulbs and order them home at the stand of QFBGardening.

Where and when to buy springflower bulbs

What to do if you want to grow the beautiful flowers at home? We advise not to buy the bulbs locally during your trip. The chance you will get them through customs are rather small. Also you buy old bulbs.

Buy Fresh bulbs online with discount

Order flower bulbs online to get fresh bulbs shipped to your home address in autumn! Order on QFB Gardening and use the code: SPRING10 (when checking out) to get 10% discount on orders from € 50,-!

Have a flowerful day!

What to do in Amsterdam

Surely you want to make your Amsterdam visit most memorable by enjoying everything of your interest it has  to offer. So this can vary from person to person, since not everybody has the same interests. Hereby some things we think you should not miss when you go sightseeing Amsterdam.

* Canalcruise


* Rijksmuseum


* Begijnhof


* Floating Flower Market


* Adam Lookout Tower


* Vondelpark


* Amsterdam Light Festival (in winter time!)


Soon we will write more about these suggestions!

Want to make most of your time? Hire a VIP guide for a private tour!

Enjoy your preparations and visit!

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New: The Largest Street Art Museum in the World

Next year Amsterdam will have a new museum. In the summer of 2018 the largest street art museum in the world will open it’s doors in the Lasloods at the NDSM werf (Amsterdam North).

The number of artists that improve the streetview are growing by the day. The most wellknown one is Banksy.

This artform is mostly short term, since it’s made in the streets. The museum wants to frame the modern timeperiod and it’s artforms. Giving streetart a location to be collected and on display for a larger audience.

The Lasloods is a Monument and will be renovated first. With the size of over 7000 m2, it will be twice as large as the Turbinehal of Tate Modern in London. All art works are especially made for the museum, at a secret location. The smallest painting will be larger then the ‘Nightwach’ paining of Rembrandt.

The large pieces of art will be displayed with the help of cranes. It is going to be impressive…

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Cheesemarket in Alkmaar

Yearly thousands of visitors from around the world come to Alkmaar for its cheese market. It is a special spectacle with a market filled with cheese and hauling cheese carriers. In 1365 Alkmaar got the weighing rights.

The Alkmaar cheesmarket take place from the end of March until the end of September. The weekly cheese market is held on Fridays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 
Unfortunataly due to the Corona measures, the first cheese market of the season is postponed until after September 1 this year….  (The 1st cheese market was scheduled for Friday March 2). We expect the market to take place again from 2021.

Program (subject to change):

09:50 h: the tourists are welcomed
09:55 h: the belluider introduced
10.00: The bell is rung and the market is open
10:05 to 10:50 h: oral explanations for the visitors in Dutch, German, English and French or Spanish.
10:50 to 11:15 h: the carillon is played
11:20 to 12:05 h: oral explanations for the visitors in Dutch, German, English and French or Spanish
12:15 to 12:30 : the carillon plays
13.00. PM end cheese market, Waagplein Alkmaar

There is also around the cheese market a lively arts and crafts market place. You can find other real Dutch pancakes, herring, farmer cheese, a clog maker, craft stalls and much more!

Evening cheese markets

In addition some evening cheese markets are organized during the year. This will be on Tuesday evenings from May to August. Surrounded by a lively market.

Note: always check online if dates or circumstances have changed…: CHEESEMARKET ALKMAAR.

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Rijksmuseum | Frans Hals under investigation

When visiting the Gallery of honour the coming weeks, you will see there is a famous painting of Frans Hals ‘under investigation’, by the Rijksmuseum, Frans Hals Museum and TU Delft.

Frans Hals Rijksmuseum

The scanning the “Lean Company” painting is done to find out if it is a genuine Frans Hals or not. The research is funded by the NWO Museum Exhibition and will take a few weeks. From February 20, 2017 also 5 major civic guard paintings (schutterstukken) in the Frans Hals Museum will be scannes.

Between January 22 and February 12, experts from the National Museum involved in the study, will twice a week give an explanation of the painting in the Hall of Fame. Showing the latest scan results.

Data: Jan. 31, February 5, 7, 12 (2017)

Time: 3:00 – 3:30 PM in Dutch / 3:30 – 4:00 PM in English.

Would you like a private tour in this marvellous museum? Contact Amsterdam VIP Tours. We will be happy to show you around…

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Winter in Amsterdam

Every year the Dutch keep hoping for a cold winter, in order to be able to skate on ‘natural ice’. The last week it has been freezing cold, but not cold enough. Tonight seems to be the last freezing night sofar.

The last winter the Amsterdammers were ice skating on their worldfamous canals was in February 2012. Here’s a picture:amsterdam_winter_2012 So from now on it will start getting warmer, and the days will start to get longer again. In wintertime the days are very short in the Netherlands, whereas the summers have very long daytime!

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Rotterdam by Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was never able to see the modern skyline of Rotterdam. Yet his influence clearly visible in a series of recent paintings of the port city:

Instagram Amsterdam VIP ToursThe Costa Rican artist Erika Stanley portrayed striking Rotterdam buildings in the style of Van Gogh. She made colorful paintings of the Erasmus Bridge, the Market Hall, Central Station and the world-famous cube houses.

The artist loves both Rotterdam and the work of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh. That love comes together in the series “If Van Gogh…”.

The paintings are on display from October 29 in Thyade Art gallery in Rotterdam.

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2 stolen Van Gogh paintings found after 14 years!

The works of art were found during grand Italian study. Today the Prosecutor of Naples announced (during a press conference) that the 2 missing paintings by Van Gogh were found. The found works are the 2 canvases that were stolen from the museum in 2002: ‘Sea at Scheveningen’ (1882) and ‘Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen’ (1884/85).

The conclusion of the curator who studied the work at the request of the Italian Public Prosecutor for authenticity and origin, was clear: “These are the real paintings!”. After 14 years of wandering the two works seem in fairly good condition. Both are no more equipped with their list and show some damage. When the work will come back to Amsterdam is still not clear.

The unique works of are of great art historical importance. The historical and artistic value of the paintings for the collection is large. ‘Sea at Scheveningen’ is the only painting in the museum’s collection of Van Gogh’s period in The Hague (1881 1883). It is one of only two seascapes he painted in his Dutch years and is an important example of Van Gogh’s earliest painting style in which he showed himself very quirky.

The ‘Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen’ is a small canvas that Van Gogh painted in early 1884 for his mother. Pictured is the church of the Dutch Reformed Church in Nuenen, which Van Gogh’s father worked as a pastor. In 1885, after the death of his father, Van Gogh took the canvas again in hand and joined the congregation in the foreground far, including women with a shawl which was worn in times of mourning. This may be a reference to the death of his father. The biographical charge the painting has great sentimental value.

Would you like a guided tour through the Van Gogh Museum? Contact Amsterdam VIP Tours for the possibilities!

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The Highest Swing in Europe!

As of August 25 one may swing at 100 hundred meters above the city of Amsterdam and be rocked over the city! That is possible on top of the A’DAM Tower. On the roof of the tower, today the Mayor Van der Laan  opened the new attraction. Since the mayor himself is afraid of heights, he did not dare to go himself, but his daughters were brave enough to go.

Two swings with 4 seats rock back and forth over the edge of the tower (with a safety bar). The swings are hydraulically controlled and people can rock along.

Next to the entrance fee for enjoying the view from up there, a separate ticket is needed for the attraction. As an introduction, the attraction is free for the first week, from September 2 the ride will cost 5 Euro.

Want to see more of the city after admiring the great views? Book a private guide with Amsterdam VIP Tours to walk the streets safely.

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Amsterdam Heritage Days on 10 and 11 September (2016)

It has been 100 years since the Amsterdam School style was born. Therefore Amsterdam organizes several events in town to celebrate this.

On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September, you can explore all of these wonderful examples of the Amsterdam School once again during Amsterdam Heritage Days. During this weekend, you can visit 60 monuments for free:
50 Amsterdam School monuments and 10 other architectural gems. These buildings are typical of Amsterdam and must-sees, such as the Burgerweeshuis. For those who can’t get enough of the Amsterdam School style, there is an extensive program filled with walks, talks, boat trips, cycling tours, exhibitions, workshops, an evening program and a junior program. I am always very curious to find out what’s behind all these undulating facades. With that in mind, I advise everyone to visit as many monuments as possible during Amsterdam Heritage Days.

Download the program here: Program Amsterdam Heritage Days 2016.

Let yourself be surprised by this fanciful Amsterdam style!

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