Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House Museum

The Anne Frank House is an extremely popular museum in Amsterdam. The diary of Anne Frank was translated in about 80 languages, making it the most translated book of the Netherlands. Several movies have been made about the story and the museum, among others ‘The fault in our stars’. The story and the museum became well known all over the globe. That’s why so many people want to visit the museum during their stay in Amsterdam.

How to get tickets to the Anne Fank Museum

Since it is not allowed to buy tickets for third parties, Amsterdam VIP Tours cannot get tickets to the Anne Frank House for you. The demand exceeds the number of available tickets, so we advise you to buy your online tickets well ahead of time. Tickets for holidays and weekends sell out even faster. Does the website state that the tickets have sold out? Unfortunately, no more tickets are available. However:

80% of tickets for any date are released exactly two months in advance. The remaining 20% are released on this website on the day itself or the day before.

Best is to prepare early: get the tickets 2 months ahead of time on the official website. If you were not able to get tickets, you can always still check online a day ahead (mostly late afternoon) or in the morning (often about 9 AM), you might still be lucky to find some available tickets. Good luck!

Note: If you were able to get tickets: they cannot be exchanged or refunded. The tickets are non-transferable and only valid on the specified date and time.Waiting in line for Anne Frank no longer an option

It is no longer possible to wait in line at the Anne Frank house! Only with a pre ordered tickets you will be able to access the museum.

Anne Frank House Line-up

Do a Virtual Tour of the Anne Frank House

If you are not able to obtain tickets, you can do a free virtual tour of the Anne Frank House online! This way you can still tour the house… Click here: Virtual Anne Frank House Tour.

Things you should know before you get Anne Frank Tickets!

Please bear in mind that the Anne Frank has very steep steps (like ladders) to clim. Also it often is extremely crowded inside. If you have problems with climbing steep stairs or claustrofobic, you might want to consider just taking a picture from the outside.

Also good to know: no pictures allowed inside and no large bags, backpacks or umbrella’s. You can store these downstairs!

Anne Frank Museum
Prinsengracht 263-267

The Anne Frankhouse is 7 days a week
1 November – 31 March:      9:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Saturdays til 9 PM).
1 April – 31 October:            9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Anne Frank Diary

Pre arranged Tickets by Amsterdam VIP Tours

When you book a VIP tour(s) with us, we can also try to get tickets for you to the Anne Frank House. But no guarantee. We have to go online to get tickets like everybody else. We charge only a small administration fee for this extra service.

The Anne Frank House is a self guided tour of about 45 minutes / 1 hour. We recommend to do this tour by yourself. Certainly you can also request a VIP guide to accompany you inside the museum if you wish.

Private Tour from or to Anne Frank House

If you were able to get tickets or not, you might want to book a private Amsterdam VIP Tour. The tour can start or end at the Anne Frank House if you wish. We are more then happy to show you that part of town and the Jordan District!

You might also be interested to book our ‘Jewish History Tour’.

Please contact us for a custom made tour and/or VIP cruise.

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