Visit the Aalsmeer Flower Auction

The largest Flower Auction in the world!

The famous Flower Auction in Aalsmeer is the largest and busiest floral market in the world. The auction is located between Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport. So ideally to combine it with your Amsterdam stay or airport transfer.

Daily, around 20 million flowers are traded here. Visitors are welcome but must arrive early and only observe the action from walkways several meters above the flowers and the busy warehouse floor where mini transportation trains crisscross the world’s largest covered market at astonishing speed.

When is the Auction open for visitors?

The flower auction takes place every weekday from 7 am to 11 am (only until 9 am on Thursday). Therefore it is advisable to arrive as early as possible, because in the early hours everything is in full activity and the duration of the auctions can be shorter on certain days.

The flowers arrive from around 10 pm and are cooled and sorted during the night. The auctions are early morning and the sold flowers are distributed immediately. By late afternoon, all the flowers will have moved out and the warehouse is prepared for the next round.

What to expect of your Aalsmeer visit?

The most interesting aspect of the Aalsmeer flower market is seeing the logistics in action, rather than admiring flowers. Avoid disappointment by understanding in advance that the Aalsmeer flower auction is not Keukenhof. You will not get up close and personal with the flowers. If you are looking to see flowers from closeby, you might want to book or add a Keukenhof Tour in springtime.

Book a Private Tour

Would you like a privately guided tour to learn everything about the auction? Contact Amsterdam VIP Tours and we will arrange it for you! With or without transportation.

How to dress for your Flower Auction visit?

The warehouse is cold, to preserve the flowers best. You will be right above the flowers, so be sure to wear warm clothes. Also wear comfortable shoes – it is still a good walk (2 km – 1.2 mile)!

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