Rijksmuseum | Frans Hals under investigation

When visiting the Gallery of honour the coming weeks, you will see there is a famous painting of Frans Hals ‘under investigation’, by the Rijksmuseum, Frans Hals Museum and TU Delft.

Frans Hals Rijksmuseum

The scanning the “Lean Company” painting is done to find out if it is a genuine Frans Hals or not. The research is funded by the NWO Museum Exhibition and will take a few weeks. From February 20, 2017 also 5 major civic guard paintings (schutterstukken) in the Frans Hals Museum will be scannes.

Between January 22 and February 12, experts from the National Museum involved in the study, will twice a week give an explanation of the painting in the Hall of Fame. Showing the latest scan results.

Data: Jan. 31, February 5, 7, 12 (2017)

Time: 3:00 – 3:30 PM in Dutch / 3:30 – 4:00 PM in English.

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Winter in Amsterdam

Every year the Dutch keep hoping for a cold winter, in order to be able to skate on ‘natural ice’. The last week it has been freezing cold, but not cold enough. Tonight seems to be the last freezing night sofar.

The last winter the Amsterdammers were ice skating on their worldfamous canals was in February 2012. Here’s a picture:amsterdam_winter_2012 So from now on it will start getting warmer, and the days will start to get longer again. In wintertime the days are very short in the Netherlands, whereas the summers have very long daytime!

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National Tulip Day Amsterdam | January 21 (2017)

National Tulip Day in the Netherlands is the day the new tulip cutting season is officialy launched. This year it will be on Saturday, January 21.

In Amsterdam the Dam square will be turned into a giant ‘pick-garden’ with 200,000 tulips in different colors, by Dutch tulip growers. From 1 PM you can pick tulips (until they are finished). At least 10.000 people are expected to come to the event.

The theme of National Tulip Day 2017 is ‘Dutch Design’. The start of a new tulip season is celebrated throughout the Netherlands. Many florists will have special special actions in the following ‘National Tulips Weeks’.

Are not you the opportunity to come to Amsterdam? No worries! You can still check out what’s happening on the Dam! Click here for a live view: Live View Dam.

From March 23 – May 21 2017 the world famous Keukenhof exhibition of bulb / spring flowers will be open again. Book a private tour with Amsterdam VIP Tours to go there!

Have a flowerfull day!

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