Cuyperspassage: New Bike Tunnel Amsterdam with Delft Blue Tiles


In November 2015, the Cuyperspassage bicycle and pedestrian tunnel at Amsterdam’s Central Station was opened. With 80,000 Delft Blue tiles, it is one of the most beautiful pedestrian tunnel in the Netherlands. The tunnel measures 110 meters in length and 3 meters in height. Connecting the city to the IJ river behind Central Station, the tunnel is used by 15,000 commuters daily. Making it easier for the people that arrive on the frequent ferries behind the station (from the North), to enter the city center.

The tunnel is decorated with a spectacular tableau of hand-shaped tiles. It’s inspired by a restored work by Dutch tile painter Cornelis Boumeester, whose works depicting of the warship Rotterdam and the herring fleet is part of the Rijksmuseum collection. The original crest on the stern is replaced with the Amsterdam coat of arms and vessels, waves, seagulls and herring busses are added.

Dutch ceramics company Koninklijk Tichelaar crafted the 46,000 wall tiles for the tableau as well as 33,000 tiles for the floor. Each tile is made in the traditional Dutch tile size of 13 x 13 cm, recalling the safety and warmth of a traditional Dutch domesticity. Making it worthwile to walk up to the tunnel to admire it! You can find it on the left side of the station, near the 3 story high bicycle garage.


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Open Tower Day

Saturday 19 March, 19 Amsterdam towers will open their doors to the public!!!

A very special day to get the opportunity for a different look on Amsterdam, from above!

9.30 AM the carillon (bell towers) will play on the Royal Palace, Old Church and Zuiderkerk.

And the day wil end with a concert from the Old Church Tower.

For more information: Open Tower Day.

Oh… no elevators. It’s all walking stairs! Have fun!


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