West Frisian Folklore Dancing – Keukenhof 4 April 2015

Dutch folk dance is associated by many with clog dancing. Anyone who has ever clogs trying to dance know that in practice many restrictions particularly smooth moves.

In the eastern provinces, the old dances were danced well into the 20th century. Dancing were accompanied by a musician who took dance from neighboring Germany (Westphalia, Lower Saxony). Minstrels usually played violin, but after 1900 usually squeezebox or accordion again later.




Stolpersteine: Stumbling Stones in Amsterdam

‘Stumbling stones’ (Stolpersteine in German) are a Holocaust memorial. These 4 inch² brass plaques indicates Holocaust victim’s, date of birth, date of arrest, camp(s) deported to and fate. They are placed in front of the victims last home.

These can also be found in Amsterdam, for example behind the Portuguese Synagogue. But also in other places in the city you might ‘stumble’ upon them.

The project was initiated by the German Gunter Demnig in 1994 to commemorate the all Holocaust victims. However, most Stumblingstones are dedicated to Jews.

The plaques are located in more than 1000 towns and cities from Norway to Italy and from The Netherlands to Ukraine.

There are many requests for the installation of new stumbling stones. The current waiting period is at least 6 months. Also because local authorities need to release the required licences.

Interested to find some of these stones and stumble yourself over history? Your Amsterdam VIP Tourguide will bring you to them if you desire.


Museumweek 18-26 APRIL 2015

In 2015, the National Museum Weekend is transforming into the Museum Week. From 18 to 26 April 2015, many museums in the Netherlands will be participating to showcase the cultural heritage of the Netherlands. Expect unique events and lower ticket prices, inviting visitors to check out what they are all about.

Approximately 400 museums around the country traditionally participate in the event, and about 20 of those are in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam VIP Tours noticed that the popular museums charge the normal fee. Some interesting participating museums in Amsterdam:

ALLARD PIERSON – Free entrance if you enter before 12 PM (Open from 10 AM) – Archaeology museum of the University of Amsterdam.

EYE FILMMUSEUM – Free entrance to the main exhibition ‘Panorama’, showing film devices that mark important moments in the history of cinema. Most classic films run in cinemas often featuring live music.

MULTATULI MUSEUM – (open: Tuesday 10-17 hrs, Weekend 12-17 hrs) – Museum about the most famous Dutch writer of 19th century.


Cheese Market Edam 2015

After the the closing of the commercial cheese market in 1922, where farmers from the neighborhood came sell their cheese, the market of Edam again revived in 1989. With the willing cooperation of over 90 volunteers and financial support of Beemsterkaas the market has become a major tourist event. The market is now enlivened by the play of an old Dutch street organ and especially by the tones of the Edam cheese chapel, the Edam cheese market has quickly become an important tourist event.

The opening and closing of the cheese market day is done by the ringing of a bell. This sound is generally done by a special domestic of foreign guest, such as famous artists, singers or people parliament, ministers, European commissioners, writers, representatives from the sports and entertainment world and others who in some way made their contribution. A speaker explains in three modern languages what happens on the cheese market.

During 2015 Cheese markets will be held on the following Wednesdays (from 10.30 – 12.30 hrs):

Date Special guest
Wednesday July 1
Wednesday July 8
Wednesday July 15
Wednesday July 22
Wednesday July 29
Wednesday August 5
Saturday August 8: evening cheese market Unique Old Dutch Market starting 17.00 hrs
Cheese market from 18.00 till 19.00 hrs
Evening market from 20.30 till 22.30 hrs
Wednesday August 12
Wednesday August 15 Waterday Edam
Wednesday August 19


Cheese Market Alkmaar 2015

The cheesemarket Alkmaar 2015 will take place from April 3rd untill september 4th, every friday from 10 am  untill 12.30 pm on the Waagplein.

Thousands of visitors from all over the world visit Alkmaar for its cheese market, a particular spectacle which includes a market filled with cheese and hauling cheese carriers. In 1365 Alkmaar was granted weighing rights and a weighing scale, and in 1612 this numbr increased to four. Exactly when the first cheese market took place is shrouded in mystery. Old documents have been found that confirm the cheese market definately took place in 1622, but there is also evidence that the cheese bearer’s guild was founded in 1593; we can therefore deduce that there must have been a cheese market at that time as well.

Program (subject to confirmation):

  • 09.50: Welcoming the visitors
  • 09.55:  Introduction of the bell-ringer
  • 10.00: The bell is rung and the market is opened
  • 10.05 – 10.50: Verbal presentation to visitors,
    in Dutch, German, English and French or Spanish
  • 10.50 – 11.15: Performance by the carillon
  • 11.20 – 12.05:  Verbal presentation to
    visitors, in Dutch, German, English and French or Spanish
  • 12.15 – 12.45 : Performance by the carillon
  • 12.30: Cheese Market closes

Would you like to visit the cheesemarket with Amsterdam-VIP Tours? Please contact us to put a nice program together. With a nice scenic drive through the tulip fields for example!alkmaar_kaasmarkt