VIP Beer Tasting Tour Amsterdam

Dutch beer

The Dutch have been drinking beer for centuries. First we imported it from Germany and then we started to brew ourselves. Amsterdammers have always loved the golden drink and drank beer instead of water for a long long time.

When you think of Dutch beer, most people will think about Heineken. Heineken is Holland’s most famous beer brand. This 3rd largest beerbrewer in the world once started in Amsterdam. Other famous Dutch beer brands are Amstel (also owned by Heineken), Dommelsch, Grolsch, Brand, Bavaria and Hertog Jan.

Original authentic local beers

In Amsterdam it’s now no longer cool to drink Heineken. Local craft beers and special beers have won in popularity. The city is home to 43 local beerbrewers (and Heineken is no longer part of them, since they moved away). The last 5 years more than 30 new beer brands have started brewing their own Dutch beer, mostly organic and special beers like IJ Beer are very popular for the locals to drink.

Would you like to visit some original and authentic local beer brewers in Amsterdam? Book the VIP Beer Tasting Tour Amsterdam for your stay in Amsterdam to get a real taste of it!

VIP tour & beer tasting

Book the NEW Amsterdam VIP Beer Tasting Tour! We will visit a local beerbrewer and try different kinds of local beer in different unique locations to taste some fabulous beers.

Let’s be honest. Heineken you can find all over the world. When you visit Amsterdam, you want to try something different!

Tailormade, the right tour for you!

It is a great way to use bicycles for this tour if you are up for it. Please contact us for the options! This tour can be completely custom made. The more beer you would like to try the better! Our local guide knows all the right places to visit!


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