Heineken Experience VIP Tour and beer tasting

Heineken Brewery Amsterdam

There is something secretive about the taste of the world’s best known beers and certainly Heineken pilsner belongs to this group. The brewery was established in Amsterdam in 1864. Today Heineken is a huge multinational company, the 3rd largest beer producer in the world. Throughout it’s history, Heineken remained by and large family company. Heineken’s rich and successful history is presented in their former brewery in Amsterdam. With several amusement park attractions added to the exhibit, it was renamed as the Amsterdam Heineken Experience.

Heineken Experience Museum

In 1988 Heineken closed an old Amsterdam brewery and opened a tour for the Heineken fans. The museum part shows interesting remains of the architecture of the 19th C. Heineken brewery buildings, authentic interiors, old photographs, impressive brass beer tanks and a quiet horse stable. Pre book your Heineken Experience Tickets here:

Heineken Experience.


Enjoy an immersive, behind the scenes guided tour of the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam and explore the old brewery where Heineken was first brewed.

Following the tour, a Heineken ‘connoisseur’ (a reall expert) will take you to an exclusive bar where you will sample 5 premium beers, served with a fine selection of Dutch cheeses and the infamous Dutch ‘bitterballen’.

Tip: Book your Heineken tour in combination with an Amterdam VIP Citytour to get most out of your stay in Amsterdam. Please contact us for suggestions and bookings.

This tour is very popular. Check availability and pre book your VIP ticket here:

Heineken Experience VIP.


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