Stolpersteine: Stumbling Stones in Amsterdam

‘Stumbling stones’ (Stolpersteine in German) are a Holocaust memorial. These 4 inch² brass plaques indicates Holocaust victim’s, date of birth, date of arrest, camp(s) deported to and fate. They are placed in front of the victims last home.

These can also be found in Amsterdam, for example behind the Portuguese Synagogue. But also in other places in the city you might ‘stumble’ upon them.

The project was initiated by the German Gunter Demnig in 1994 to commemorate the all Holocaust victims. However, most Stumblingstones are dedicated to Jews.

The plaques are located in more than 1000 towns and cities from Norway to Italy and from The Netherlands to Ukraine.

There are many requests for the installation of new stumbling stones. The current waiting period is at least 6 months. Also because local authorities need to release the required licences.

Interested to find some of these stones and stumble yourself over history? Your Amsterdam VIP Tourguide will bring you to them if you desire.