Amsterdam Public Transport

Amsterdam Public Transport is very well organised and easy to use.

Best way to see Amsterdam is walking. It is a very walkable (flat) city. Want to see Amsterdam like a local? Rent a bike or go by Amsterdam Public Transport.

The public transportation system in Amsterdam is very well organized and easy to use.
Amsterdam had trams (electric trolly’s/streetcars), metro (subway) and busses.

You can buy a ticket (cash only) with the conductor on the tram. Prices: 1 Hour ticket – € 2,90, 24-hour ticket € 7,50, 48-hour ticket  €12,00. The Ticket will be activated the first time you use it. You always need to scan it going in and out. When you want to get off, push the red button; to open the doors, push the green button.

You can use the same ticket on the trams, busses and metro. Most likely the trams will suit you best. If you look on the map of Amsterdam, you can see the tramlines. The white dotes are the stops. The numbers of the trams are on the map as well (and on the front of the trams).

Warning: Be aware of Pickpockets in Amsterdam, also on the tram!

If you want to plan a trip, using public transportation in the Netherlands, use this link: Planner Public Transportation Netherlands.


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